Helping Busy Davis Parents since 2003

"Kids-in-Transit gives me peace of mind; I can focus on my work knowing my daughter will be picked up & delivered safely to her activities".

Marceline, Parent - Davis, CA

The Kids In Transit Service

Picking Up Your Kids:

  • SAFETY is our highest priority. Unless you say otherwise, we will meet your child at his or her classroom door and always make certain the classroom teacher visibly acknowledges what child(ren) is(are) leaving with our driver. Of course, this policy is age-appropriate and we leave it to you to make that determination.
  • Your child(ren) will be picked-up and dropped off at parent-designated locations only.
  • If a child informs us they are going to a different destination we will call the contact phone numbers to verify the information. If confirmation cannot be obtained, our driver will proceed to the originally scheduled destination. To avoid missed play dates or appointments please notify us 24-hours in advance.

Transporting & Dropping Off Your Kids:

  • Our drivers will never transport other than school-age children, or staff members whom you have not met, while your child(ren) is(are) in our care. Occasionally staff members ride together.
  • Before moving the vehicles we will verify that every child is secure in a parent-provided booster seat and/or seatbelt before moving the vehicle and ensure that all children remain safely secured throughout the ride. Due to high volume of children, we are unable store any car seat/booster.
  • Our drivers maintain constant supervision until an adult at the destination acknowledges the arrival of your child(ren) (age appropriate). While in the vehicle, drivers make sure children are treating others respectfully. Unkind treatment of others is not permitted.
  • Because ridership and destinations vary daily, drop-off times vary slightly. We pay attention to children with fixed appointment times, such as those going to tutoring, music, doctors, etc., and make those stops top priority.

Other stuff you should know:

  • Our staff always notifies parents/teachers/care caregivers of noteworthy issues.
  • Billing is handled by email once a month. Children are not expected to deliver invoices, checks or any other correspondence.

Kids In Transit Pricing

During the school year, our service dates coincide with the DJUSD Calendar. Hit your browser's back button when finished with the calendar.

If school is in session, we are available to help! During the summer we will operate on a limited schedule and on a first come/first served basis.

The per person price for the 2018/2019 school year is:

$6.00 plus $2.15 per mile / per in-town ride

$6.00 plus $2.35 per mile / per out-of-town ride

Sibling Discounts:

If you have more than one child getting picked up at the same time and going to the same location, call us to discuss discounts for siblings riding together.


Your credit card number is kept securely on file. If you know in advance which dates you will need our service ~ Monday through Friday or every Tuesday and Thursday, for example ~ we will use your child(ren)'s school calendar to determine the number of billing dates and charge your credit card the invoice amount on or about the first of each month and email a detailed receipt to you.

If your transportation needs are not known in advance your account will be considered "on call". Under this system your credit card will be charged only for service dates used the previous month. Although space in the van is not reserved we will do everything possible to accommodate your request.

Add-On Dates:

Sometimes we're needed at the last minute and we always try to accommodate. Any service dates added after billing is complete will be included on the next month's billing. Any such add-ons will be reflected on the new invoice.

Cancellations & Refunds:

Cancellations happen. Unfortunately refunds can not be given for cancellations due a to a child not feeling well when he or she wakes up or goes home early from school, or for playdates not scheduled in advance, forgotten or cancelled lessons or appointments, etc.. Space in the vehicles is reserved for your child in advance so drivers commit to being available for you and are paid for that commitment. We appreciate your understanding. Of course, for long-term illnesses and vacations (with advanced notice) we will discuss discounts with you.