Helping Busy Davis Parents since 2003

"I am very pleased both as a teacher and a parent; as a teacher when kids were dropped off and picked up from my class by Kids In Transit, and as a parent counting on your service to pick up my children and provide transportation to their destinations. ~ Thanks"

Erica Lara, Teacher Cesar Chavez Elm. - Davis, CA

Program Highlights

  • We stop only at parent designated locations.
  • We will never transport other than school-age children while your child is in our care.
  • Our drivers ensure all children remain safely secured in a parent-provided booster or seatbelt throughout the ride.
  • Constant supervision is maintained until an adult acknowledges your child's arrival.
  • Our drivers make sure children are treating others respectfully. Unkind treatment of others is not permitted.
  • We will always notify parents, teachers, and caregivers of noteworthy issues.

Who Is Kids In Transit?

Kids In Transit is a family-owned, Davis-based business that has been providing reliable, safe transportation services to Davis families for their school-age children, including children and adults with special needs, since 2003. Getting kids to and from their various activities has always been a challenge for working parents. We personally understand that challenge because our three children attended Davis schools too, and they played soccer, took music and swimming lessons, and wanted to have play dates with friends so it will always be our goal to tailor our van and sedan services to meet the needs of busy parents while ensuring the safety of our passengers.

Over the years our very attentive drivers have provided transportation to kids - from kindergarten through high school - going to and from school and CDC, to reading and math tutoring, to soccer, baseball and football practice, to dance, swim, martial arts, and music lessons, and to many other destinations.

girl playing piano kids playing soccer math student concentrating

For more than 13 years, Kids In Transit has given peace of mind to busy Davis parents.

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